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HGV Helios horsebox

This 12 tonne HGV Helios horsebox, manufactured in July 2014 has been out on the road for a number of years and now has a new stable mate in the form of an Aeos 4.5 tonne compact horsebox. Over the years we have had updates from Bill and he has kindly sent regular photos. We had an update early on with its first longer stay away and we have copied it below.

Earlier update from Bill


I thought you may be interested in how we faired with our first extended stay in our 12 tonne horsebox. We travelled to Blair Athol Estate some 120 miles averaging 17.5 mpg; about 2 hours and 15 minutes comfortable driving. Not bad with 4 horses 16.2 to 17.2hh; 210 litres of fuel, 120 litres of water, equine and human food for five days. The drive was smooth and quiet, no rattles and horses were quiet and comfortable. All the on-board facilities worked faultlessly and it was the first time we had the chance to use the generator extensively. Such an advantage to have an on-board generator fuelled from the horsebox main fuel tank; no topping up required. The external LED lights are very good and certainly bright enough. The under floor storage is substantial, but you do need to be organised and methodical. All in all a good experience. Leaving was not quite so good. Had to get towed out which meant removing the lower front grille to locate the towing pin. Now it just needs pressure washing; inside and out.


Bill Christie

Jumping to January 2017

Just before Christmas Bill took delivery of a 4.5 tonne compact Aeos horsebox. So his gorgeous 12 tonne HGV Helios horsebox has a stunning new stable mate sprayed in the same metallic purple. His new Aeos has 1.78 tonnes of payload and is stalled for his biggest 18hh horses. To save taking the HGV Helios on every trip, the Aeos is for trips where only one or two horses are travelling.
This is a video of Bills HGV Helios horsebox and later this month it is due back into our spray shop for a matching gold stripe!


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