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KPH Aeos 3.5

The safety-conscious Aeos horsebox

Safety and primarily horse safety is at the heart of the Aeos design. Each Aeos horsebox in the range is designed to transport the largest of horses in comfort and incorporates strength, longevity along with the highest standard specification.

Aeos horseboxes benefit from a 103mm reinforced safety cell wall, bolted to structural points on the cab to protect the driver and horse in the event of an accident. We have taken horse safety to another level with side impact protection and the fitting of a reinforced safety cell to the horse wall as standard. Customer’s horses are further protected by our groundbreaking 35mm Coat-X Polyurea protected padding on the walls, partition and lift up ramp door. For extra strength and longevity our Aeos horseboxes have stainless steel ramps and hinges and sliding stainless steel horse partitions.

Coat-X also protects the horse area floor, waste drain tubes and ramp. It has no seams or cappings and is totally waterproof to withstand daily steam cleaning.

Through design we have reduced as much risk as possible, including preventative solutions rather than ones that deal with serious incidents after they occur. To this end we include an adjustable mounting rail in front of each horse for the Equi Travel Safe harness. The harness prevents horses from rearing/jumping whilst leaving the horses free to move, balance and relax.

By incorporating the latest composite materials and glues we have increased structural strength and longevity whilst significantly reducing noise and vibration. Further safety features include anti-lock brakes, new alloy wheels, new deep tread tyres filled with Puncture Safe and an extremely low centre of gravity.

Each Horsebox is a totally bespoke build, backed by a comprehensive two year warranty.

All this makes the safety-conscious Aeos 3.5 tonne horsebox the perfect choice for new and experienced drivers alike (with a Cat. B driving licence)

Did you know we also have Aeos 4.5 tonne models with full living and payloads starting at 1.5 tonnes

Our Aeos 3.5 tonne horseboxes

Aeos QV ST 4.5 tonne horsebox

Aeos QV 35

This is our entry level Aeos horsebox

  • Overall length of 6.32 metres
  • Payload of approximately 1.0 tonnes
  • Stalled for one horse or two ponies
KPH Aeos QV ST horsebox

Aeos QV ST 35

This our entry level Aeos stallion stall horsebox

  • Overall length of 6.32 metres
  • Payload of approximately 1.0 tonnes
  • Full stalls & full height steel horse partitions

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