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Helios Compact 75

January 2024

We have NEW DAF XB 190 BHP automatic chassis on air suspension available for building your bespoke Helios Compact 75 horsebox.

Contact janet@kphltd.co.uk for full details.

Helios Compact 75 Horsebox

  • Overall length of 6.2 metres
  • Payload of approximately 2.2 tonnes
  • Stalled for 2 large horses or 3 ponies
  • Category C or C1 driving licence required
  • 2 year warranty & 24 hour customer care
  • 2 year KPH After Sales Support Package

The Compact Helios 75 horsebox is designed with a very high standard specification to have all the comforts of our larger Helios models whilst offering the smallest possible footprint.

To make this 7.5 tonne horsebox as manoeuvrable as possible it is based on the competent DAF LF 3.5 metre wheelbase chassis and has a tiny turning circle of just 11.4 metres.

Through design, innovation and materials technology we have manufactured a robust Compact Helios 7.5 tonne horsebox that combines the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetic appeal and most important of all, a pleasing and comfortable environment for the horses that is safe on any length of journey.

Equipped with anti-lock brakes and the lowest possible centre of gravity, the safety-conscious Compact Helios horsebox is the perfect all-rounder.

We can also offer a version to take three large horses with a smaller living area. Working from the ground up, each Helios horsebox benefits from the lowest possible load height and has an extremely low stainless steel ramp at just 0.81 metres (32”) that is almost the full width of the horse area, allowing the largest of horses to load and turn more easily.

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KPH 2 year After Sales Support Package (ASSP) *

For both year 1 and year 2, we will provide:

  • Collection of your horsebox from UK address
  • Service (where required)
  • MOT test
  • Vehicle safety inspection
  • Warranty work
  • Return of your horsebox to UK address

* Terms and conditions apply


KPH ECO solar lithium system

Now includes the KPH ECO - Solar Lithium System (on all models with full living)

Standard features included on each Helios Compact 75 horsebox

Safety Features
  • Stainless stell safety cage elded to the centre partition
  • Towing eyes front and rear
  • Full width ramp for safe loading
  • Lower load height and shallow ramp angle
  • Double skinned wall to protect from kicking
  • 230 volt power certificate
  • 12 volt and 24 volt power certificate
  • Gas certificate
  • Weight certificate and calibration certificate
  • Anti lock brakes
  • White and red reflective Helios vinyl badges on roll over step
Living Area
  • Wood finish
  • Toilet/shower with fold down sink and vanity unit (wetroom)
  • Top lockers above toilet x 2
  • Top lockers abover windows x 4
  • Whale i Van touch screen living controller
  • Water heater
  • Blown hot air heating
  • High flow water pump with surge damper
  • Fridge 60 litre
  • Hob with smoked glass top x 2 burners
  • Sink with smoked glass
  • Table with x 2 legs
  • L shaped seating (near side)
  • Luton LED reading lights
  • LED lights
  • Auxiliary power, 150Ah lithium battery
  • Luton ladder (stored in toilet or wardrobe)
  • Mains charging to auxiliary battery
  • Solar charging to auxiliary battery
  • Solar charging to chassis battery
  • 240 volt hook up with x 2 double sockets and mains lead
  • USB charging point for 1 amp and 1.2 amp
  • 12 volt charging point
  • New bespoke upholstery (livings up to 2.5 m/8 feet long)
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Smoke and carbon dioxide detector
  • Chrome push button/lock handles
  • Double bed on luton with matress
  • Shower and toilet extractor fan
  • Living battery isolator
  • Polly floor or Karndean flooring
Horse Area
  • Coat-X horse area and ramp
  • Stainless steel horse partitions with padded inserts and clear skirt x 2
  • Heavy duty stainless steel rear horse doors
  • Night time LED running lights
  • LED lights
  • Adjustable tie rings and hay net rings
  • Rug rack
  • Stainless steel removable saddle rack in front stall
  • Easy clean walls
  • 2.51m ( 8′ 3″) headroom
  • Air extraction fan
  • Opening roof vent x 1
    • Vinyl HORSES on rear
    • Outside water filler
    • Horse shower (cold only)
    • 410 watt solar panel
    • Metallic paint
    • LED floor level mood lights
    • LED docking lights
    • LED ramp loading lights
    • Easy close stainless steel ramp with 5 slip rails
    • External tie rings x 3
    • External stainless steel tie ring protectors with logo x 2
    • Mud flaps x 4
    • Exterior single tack locker x 2 (near and off side)
    • Stainless steel saddle racks x 2
    • Stainless steel bridle cups x 2
    • Easy close stainless steel half ramp with x 3 slip rails with gas ram
    • Top opening half door to horse area with 2 gas rams and padding
    • Top opening half door alarm and light warning
    • External stainless steel tie rings x 2
    • Bonded horse windows with stainless steel bars x 2
    • Bonded vent windows x 2
    • Bonded living window x 2 (with blinds)
    • Bonded luton windows x 2 (with blinds)
    • Battery access door with gas stay
    • Chassis battery isolator
    • Skirt locker x 1 (gas and hose) lift up door and gas stay
    • 80 litre water tank
    • Vinyl wing protectors near cab doors
    • Vinyl front wheel arch protectors
    • LED marker lights in skirts
    • Aluminium roll over step
    • New Helios bumper with x 10 lights
    • Fully sprayed underside/including cab/chassis and skirts
    • Fully Waxoyled underside/including cab/chassis and skirts
    • Stainless steel wheel trims with Helios logo

    Full layout specifications

    Helios 7.5 tonne Compact, left hand seat layout, 3 stalls

    If you would like further information on specifications, layouts and prices on any of our KPH Horseboxes, please email janet@kphltd.co.uk

    Did you know we also have a 7.2 tonne Aeos Discovery 72 model with full living facilities and 3 tonnes of payload?

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