Horsebox chassis

We know how stressful, upsetting and potentially expensive a breakdown can be, whether we are manufacturing on a new or used chassis it just has to be reliable! Our reputation for quality and longevity has been too hard won to risk by manufacturing on an unreliable chassis.

We take our reputation seriously and what sets us apart, is our obsession with quality and the little details. For this reason we are very particular with chassis manufacturers and also the chassis quality we demand for our bespoke horsebox range. Whether it’s new or used, chassis choice has a large impact on the finished horsebox, it affects longevity, payload and even fuel consumption. Further down the road as a used horsebox, a poor chassis choice at the manufacturing stage can greatly affect the used value of the horsebox. For this reason our policy is to specialise in just a few reliable chassis makes that we know inside out.

Used chassis

Our new chassis have full manufacturer’s warranty and we aim to make our used ones as reliable and as near new as possible. To give customers total reassurance and peace of mind, we include a full inspection, service and twelve months MOT. We also refurbish, including new upholstery so each one looks like a brand new vehicle.

7.5 tonne Helios horsebox chassis

For 7.5 tonne horsebox chassis we specialise in the DAF LF chassis and it fits our bespoke Helios horseboxes perfectly. As an example, payloads on our Compact Helios model manufactured on the 3.5 metre wheelbase DAF LF are as high as 2.8 tonnes. As a company looking back at the decision to manufacture solely on DAF chassis, it was one of our best moves to date. In 2013 we were very excited to manufacture on our three hundredth DAF, this was also the first Euro 6 DAF LF 12 tonne off the production line so a very prestigious build for us. It is a big plus for us that we have DAF trained staff members, so it’s fair to say we know them inside out!

Up to 4.5 tonne Aeos horsebox chassis

From 3.5 to 4.5 tonne Aeos horseboxes we use one of the Sevel chassis. So we use either the Citroën Relay, Peugeot Boxer or Fiat Ducato chassis, all three are the same van platform and all roll off the same factory production line in Italy. Sevel is an acronym of “Société Européenne de Véhicules Légers” (European Light Vehicle Company), a joint venture established in 1978 by PSA Peugeot Citroën and Fiat.
The Sevel vehicle platform is extremely competent and fits our needs perfectly. As an example, payloads on our Compact Aeos model manufactured on the either the Citroën Relay, Peugeot Boxer or Fiat Ducato chassis is as high as 2 tonnes.


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