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Horsebox colours

Horsebox painting and colour choices are a very exciting part of buying a new horsebox or even having one resprayed. It is the first thing customers see and something they live with for many years to come.

Having a shiny horsebox for the first few months is not sufficient; paintwork has to last. For us it must have the same built in longevity as the rest of our manufacturing process. For this very reason we have invested heavily in our whole horsebox painting and spraying procedure. This extends from infrastructure in the form of a large standalone paint shop, to using the highest quality paints and finishes with amazing paint choices for customers. Having said all that, for KPH to consistently produce exceptional paintwork it is not just quality paints and machinery, it is as much our highly skilled paint team and the strict procedures they adhere to that makes our horsebox spraying and paintwork stand out from the crowd.
Job satisfaction plays a large role at KPH and one of the best parts of any build is when we send customers the pictures of the finished paintwork and the living areas. As manufacturers we know that the construction of the build should be the most important part but generally paintwork is the topic with the most interest for social media. We would never recommend buying a horsebox because of a nice colour scheme, rather it’s the workmanship that should shine!
We even get excited ourselves mixing new colours and offering unique bespoke paintwork, especially posting stunning pictures that receive lots of likes. Out of all the diverse work we undertake it’s the work from our commercial spray shop team that gets the big wows for our finished horseboxes. As I have often posted in the past, our paintwork is the face of the company and it has to be as good as our construction. When we say ‘stunning is standard’ we really mean it and it’s where our meticulous attention to detail shines through.

Horsebox painting and paint colours

Customers are split into two camps for colours, some already know the colour they like and others ask for advice. To aid customers choosing a stunning colour our experienced paint team with the help of our paint manufacturer have put together a swatch of our own bespoke metallic colours. We include metallic paint as standard on all our models and have some truly amazing choices available. It is also possible to match any colour customers have seen on the road and all we usually need is a year of manufacture and make of vehicle. Our rule of thumb for metallic paintwork is light to medium colours work best. Dark colours work well for cars where every view is of a curved panel but horseboxes by nature have big flat areas that show every tree mark that brushes down the side.

Living area colours

Similar rules apply here and light to medium works best with smaller or compact livings. Dark colours are fine for larger and HGV livings. Colours can be mixed and the odd dark colours do work if the rest are quite light, but too much dark makes the living area feel small. Again we have custom choices for every part and only offer advice if asked.

Some important horsebox painting and colour choices

If you watch this video of a 12 tonne HGV Helios horsebox you will see from the drone shots above the horsebox that we leave the roof white. This is not to save money as you would think, in fact it would probably cost us a similar amount to paint as it would to mask up. The reason is simply any other colour will absorb heat making the horse area hotter. Only white reflects the heat! Just try touching any coloured car on a sunny day and then a white one; you will be amazed at the difference. Keeping the horses cool and comfortable was in our top ten action points for each model at the design stage.
Colour choices can have a large impact on the usability of any horsebox and both inside and outside colours should recieve careful consideration.

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