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Horsebox Payloads and horse safety

Over the years, horsebox payloads have always been one of our top priorities. To this day we continue to offer KPH customers (and potential customers) unbiased advice on what they can legally carry and which of our models best suits their needs.

Getting to the bottom of what customers actually need to carry and the horsebox payloads needed, can be difficult at best. We would always advise customers to have a good handle on what their horses and tack weigh and even take the weighbridge option, to be precise.

To be transparent and at the same time as helpful as possible, we post the approximate weights of each model in our range on the website here Helios 7.5 to 26 tonne horseboxes and Aeos 3.5 to 4.5 tonne horseboxes.

Payload values for horses and tack

As an exercise we asked the ‘horsey community’ the weights of their horses and tack etc and below we have put together a brief list of approximate item weights for customers to calculate horsebox payload needed.


When discussing payloads we had always used 600kg as an average horse weight. In surveying our customers we established that horse weights typically range from 430 to 710 kg. We calculated the average to be 542 kg, however, for our examples when talking to unsure customers we will stick to using 600 kg per horse.


Fairly easy to calculate this, as approximately 1 ltr of fuel weighs 1 kg. As an example an Aeos 4.5 tonne horsebox has a 90 ltr fuel tank giving a range of approximately 692 miles. So a full tank weighs 90 kg.


Again easy to calculate this as approximately 1 ltr of fuel weighs 1 kg. As an example a 4.5 tonne Weekender has a 75 ltr water tank so full to the brim 75 kg of water. This is really an unnecessary amount to carry every trip and all that is really needed is enough to water the horses during the journey. It will save weight and fuel costs if you fill up at your destination.


For saddles we usually allow 10 kg each and most customers had saddles at this weight or less. One customer had a saddle 20 kg plus but for the sake of finding middle ground we will stick with an average of 10 kg each.


Again this can be a can of worms with weights ranging from children to adults. Choosing middle ground again we will plump for 80 kg each.

Hay bale

Most said 20 to 23 kg each bale so we will err on the side of caution and say 25 kg

Shavings bale

Most customers have said 10 kg each bale

Assorted equipment

This can really be a long list with everything from food to first aid kits to brushes and assorted tack. It would be very difficult to generalise here as most disciplines differ dramatically in the amount and weight of auxiliary equipment. I think it fair to say this needs careful consideration and some weight allowance made.


As a free service for our customers who have worries concerning the horsebox payloads they require, we offer the option to weigh their horses and individual items on-site.

If you have further questions please send an email from our Contact Us page.


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