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Our philosophy is to deliver continued horsebox innovation

Innovation, incorporating the latest technology whilst adding strength and reliability for each horsebox model we build. Any innovations we add must be of benefit to the horsebox, customer and their horses alike.

Looking at the horsebox industry as a whole, most horseboxes look exactly the same with few concessions made towards aerodynamic design, or in fact design aimed towards lowering fuel consumption. Every year the cost of horse transport increases and this was an important factor for our own modern designs. It was an area ripe for innovation and one where we have excelled!
With solid research going back many years, further advancements in our aerodynamically designed curved roof system have enabled the Helios brand to reduce both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by increasing the aerodynamics of the range. These innovations not only reduce the carbon footprint for the range, but in addition, other key benefits include reduced wind noise, weight reduction and vastly increased internal volume. Our curved roof system also sets us apart by adding to the striking, aesthetically pleasing design. Of particular interest to horse owners, the shape of the curved roof allows us a massive 2.53m (8’ 3”) head room in the horse area and living. The increase in head room allows for better air circulation and easily stalls the largest of horses.

A further example of our innovation is the full solar charging system fitted as standard on every horsebox we manufacture. The system is maintenance free and the quality panels and charge regulators have been thoroughly tested over many years. These are not token systems to tick boxes, but rather a complete charging system so efficient they charge even on the dullest of days to keep the batteries topped up. Our solar controller features the latest PWM charge regulation for reliable and economical battery charge control and it includes over charge protection too. We have embraced this technology thoroughly and it works seamlessly with our latest LED lighting.

These are just two examples of innovations that are standard in our range. If you would like to see videos showing more details please visit our You Tube channel

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