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Kevin Parker Horseboxes focus on innovation

Technology moves at a relentless pace and at Kevin Parker Horseboxes Ltd we are constantly looking to the future to keep abreast of the latest innovations. This includes cutting everything from our composite structural materials and gules to solar technology. These latest products are only included in our manufacturing processes where they offer clear benefits like added strength or longevity.

In our pursuit of adding tangible benefits for our customers by using the latest technologies, Kevin Parker Horseboxes Ltd have partnered with innovative water and heating specialist Whale, to bring the very latest touch screen and wireless control to the mobile living environment. We have used whale products for many years throughout our bespoke Aeos and Helios horsebox ranges and have now made Whale’s iVan wireless control panel, water heater, Space Heater and water supply standard fitments in our full range of horseboxes. This state of the art system puts full control of the living area together in a touch screen panel.

What is iVan?

A Simple / Wireless / Intelligent / Touch screen / Control / Hub

Whale® iVan is a full-colour touch screen control panel that uses wireless technology to control all Whale® Water Heater, Space Heater and water supply in recreational vehicles. By adding wireless technology to control heating and water supply, Whale® has created an intelligent, resilient control network that allows a straight forward and flexible installation, and provides the vehicle user a simple, intuitive way of controlling their environment.

Steed Barbour Business Development Engineer from Whale explains the benefits of Whale’s Ivan

iVan is the easy way to control the mobile living environment. It’s simple, intuitive touch screen display is so easy to use, and includes easy set programmable timers. With wireless technology there are great benefits to the vehicle manufacturer in terms of reduced overall vehicle weight and faster installation time. With iVan we are truly bringing the technology from the latest domestic climate control trends to vehicles. With the system we have designed to suit KPH, we have iVan controlling water heating, room heating and water supply – all at the touch of a button from a central hub inside the vehicle.

How does Whale iVan® work for Kevin Parker Horseboxes Ltd?

The intuitive touch screen control panel communicates wirelessly with the Whale® Water heater, Space Heaters and water pump to allow the horsebox user to manage their ideal living environment with ease. With intuitive icons, controlling hot and cold water supply, setting air temperature controls. With additional benefits of being able to set timers (up to 3 per day) for each unit and a frost protection setting to protect the system in cold climates, iVan showcases the very latest in climate control in recreational vehicles.
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