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KPH Horsebox Innovation

Horsebox innovation is something we actively promote at KPH horseboxes and we are happiest leading from the front. We are constantly evolving and through testing and research our innovative approach always leads to improved horseboxes and improved horse safety.

Cutting edge innovation

As an example of our innovative approach, we are very excited to have partnered up with Arioneo and bring additional value to our customers in the form of the latest connected horse sensors. The wellbeing of the horses that are transported in our horseboxes is our primary concern and we wish to do everything in our power to ensure that they always arrive in tip top condition. The Orscana sensor from Arioneo fits absolutely into our philosophy for innovation and excellence. A sensor in the horse’s rug allows our customers to monitor each horse for the duration of the journey and to absolutely know, without question, that each animal is comfortable whilst in transit. The sensor monitors the body temperature of the horse and will provide alerts to the drivers phone should the horse become too cold or too hot during the journey.
We are very happy to announce that each Aeos and Helios horsebox we manufacture will now include a sensor as standard. To read more on the Orscana sensor from Arioneo please visit our Orscana Page

Horsebox innovation at KPH

Each year we give the team carte blanche to manufacture a stunning showcase horsebox. Much like our Christmas parties or events such as go-karting and clay pigeon shooting it is a great way for us to team build, with the added advantages of incorporating new ideas or designs from each department and maintaining our focus on horsebox innovation. Over the years this policy has resulted in some striking designs and unique horsebox innovations. Of course we only include these where they offer a clear advantage or something of benefit to the horsebox, for example added strength, easier loading or even something as simple as noise or vibration reduction.

Horsebox painting and spraying

Some of the ideas are as simple as a new colour or a new paint finish and customers have really taken to these. From Helios pearl metallic blue, purple, green and orange, to the green and blue flip colours and even gold or rainbow metal flakes they offer something individual, unique and always something striking.

Horsebox graphics

Each year our graphics department has matched the paintwork perfectly with cutting edge designs and finishes. From bespoke gel colour coded wheel centres to clever paint masks, they showcase what we can do.

Example eye candy

As an example for those who follow our posts and remember a recent pearl orange Aeos build. We handed a spotless low mileage Peugeot Boxer chassis over to the team and let them loose with the design aspect of the build. The paint team came up with a black and 3 stage orange pearl metallic finish with gold metal flake in the clear coat (lacquer). The paintwork was stunning to say the least and our graphics team ran with the theme and produced some cutting edge designs with reflective orange gel logos, wheel centres and paint masks. The Coat-X spray on Polyurea protecting the horse area and ramp had a new finish in grey and orange to match. Upholstery was in striking black and orange leather and really brought the whole horsebox to life.

Hidden innovation

Although stunning to look at, these items above mostly involve colour or finish. The real innovative leaps we make from projects like this tend to be hidden away and not clearly obvious. However, they do deserve the same if not more recognition as they add considerable benefit to our full range of horseboxes. Probably one of the biggest single leaps to our horsebox innovation has has been swapping to stainless steel for the majority of the fabrication side. This has included everything from the ramp, ramp frame and ramp hinges to the safety cage, horse doors and horse partitions. Stainless steel far outlasts any other material used including aluminium; it adds looks, longevity and reliability throughout our range of horseboxes. Self opening horse partitions are another example where these projects have inspired the team to innovate. Our horse partitions don’t need any tie backs and just stay open and in place
Other big innovations over the years have been the raised floor with under floor storage and bespoke doors.


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