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Our best selling horsebox model for 2018

We are still in the first few months of 2018 and our Aeos 4.5 tonne Weekender horsebox has taken first place for sales. Like all our models it is proudly manufactured onsite, in the UK by our skilled KPH craftsmen. Strange statement! we don’t think so, we actually feel it is important that customers should know for a certainty who manufactures their horsebox.
Walking visiting customers around our workshops and showing each stage of a build is an integral part of our business. We do not have sales men and we never have to push, we put all the relevant information in front of our customers and let them make an informed choice.

A few of the important details for our Aeos 4.5 tonne Weekender horsebox

To drive the Aeos 4.5 tonne Weekender customers require a category C1 licence, or a category B (car) licence if passed before January 1st 1997. It is 7.2 meters (23′ 11″) overall length and it is designed to transport the largest of horses in comfort whilst incorporating strength, longevity and safety with a very high standard specification. Although we have tried to include everything as standard, we have a large list of bespoke extras to suit everyone. It is a fact that customers keep our horseboxes for many years, few every become available as used vehicles. Because customers keep them for a long time we realise they have to be a perfect fit, no one wants to live with a compromise. For this reason our whole manufacturing process is designed around bespoke builds to fit each customer perfectly. Each model in our horsebox range has a high specification, hopefully including everything the majority of owners will need for their chosen discipline. We would hate to sit in a meeting and keep repeating, sorry that’s an extra!
The Aeos 4.5 tonne Weekender horsebox model has a healthy payload of 1.5 tonnes and although payload is an important issue, it is not the only facture we take into account. Payload must be balanced with strength of build, longevity and especially horse comfort and safety. It is safe to say our range of horseboxes both meets and exceeds these requirements easily.
Stalled for large 18h horses we tailor the breast bar height to fit our customers horses exactly. It is paramount to have the breast bar height correct so the horses have a natural stance, reducing stress both in transit and stationary.
The Aeos horsebox range has Coat-X Polyurea protective coating sprayed in the horse area, on the ramp and also on the thick padding for the walls, horse partition and lift up ramp door. The horse area is totally waterproof with drain tubes, it is manufactured to withstand steam cleaning on a daily basis. The double skinned 103mm bulkhead wall between the driver and horses is reinforced and sound proofed and along with the double skinned horse wall with thick rip-proof Coat-X padding. They form a safety cell around the horses to protect from head on, or side impacts in the event of a collision. It has a stainless steel sliding horse partition that can be pushed all the way to the horse wall to make a mare and foal stall or even carry goods! For ventilation it has three horse windows and a roof vent in the horse area and three large living windows and a roof vent with fly screen and blackout blind in the living. Two cameras are standard, one to keep track of the horses and one for reversing. There are also reversing sensors in the rear moulding.
For power it has an auxiliary battery system and the charging is solar to the chassis and auxiliary battery, if plugged into the mains it has a charger conditioner and the engine also charges the chassis and auxiliary batteries too. There is also a mains hook-up and lead provided. The living has a high specification and includes a shower and toilet, bed, fridge, microwave and plenty of lockable storage.


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