KPH Safety First

As a forward-thinking company, we continually strive to manufacture quality horseboxes that are safer, reduce stress and have increased durability.

The KPH innovative safety designs have many years of research and development behind them.

Over the next few months, we will post some of our research topics including insights, and considerations that we use to design safer horseboxes

Hopefully, these topics will be something horse owners will find insightful and interesting.

9. Horsebox Load height

The load height of a horsebox is a major factor that deserves careful attention during the design and manufacturing process. By prioritising the lowest possible load height, we can enhance safety, handling, and stability.

Ultimately providing a safer and more secure transportation solution for horses and their owners.

Horsebox load height is the distance from the road to where the horses stand. In essence, the lower the load height the better. A higher load height raises the overall centre of gravity of the horsebox, which in turn negatively impacts handling, stability, and safety. It is without question an overlooked area of horsebox design. Careful consideration of load height is crucial to a safer design.


Our research findings

Reduced handling and stability are some of the main disadvantages of a high centre of gravity.

A high centre of gravity makes the vehicle more prone to body roll and instability when cornering or making sudden manoeuvres, reducing the vehicle’s handling performance.

Horseboxes with a high centre of gravity have a higher risk of rolling over, especially during sharp turns or evasive manoeuvres. Aerodynamics are degraded, as a high centre of gravity increases wind drag and reduces the vehicle’s aerodynamic efficiency, leading to decreased fuel economy. It also directly affects horse loading and unloading safety as ramp angles become steep.

Whilst researching, we noted that many horseboxes have a large step from the ramp to the horse floor to overcome steep ramp angles!


Designing our horseboxes with a lower centre of gravity

With the goal of reducing our load height as much as possible, we looked at each model literally from the ground up.

For the Aeos horsebox range we chose the chassis version with the lowest overall platform height. Our goal was to keep the load height to the absolute minimum.

We then designed a composite floor that incorporates Coat-X Polyurea protective coating for amazing durability. Wanting to go a step further towards safety we included air suspension for improved handling and stability.

For the Helios horsebox range, we considered wheel sizes and suspension travel and reduced the load height by completely redesigning our subframe and composite floor. It sounds simple but was in fact a considerable task that impacted on so many other areas for the build.


Food For Thought…

We are committed to prioritising safety, with a focus on horse safety. We welcome feedback and suggestions from customers to further improve horsebox safety features.

Any queries or questions?