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KPH horsebox paint process

The team will strip the horsebox and store the parts safely. Next they wash and degrease where needed. The work from here on is far more involved than spraying a new horsebox manufactured with new materials, because the team have to take into account rusty steel, oxidised aluminium, residue from silicone cleaners and poorly keyed paint and accident damage.

Unfortunately many of these problems only become apparent when stripping the horsebox down. At this stage we will advise the customer and suggest a cure. Often it will be skinning the sides of the horsebox, replacing faulty screw or rivets, adding new sealer adhesive or even (depending on the budget) completely replacing parts. The next process is sanding the horsebox and repairing accident damaged areas. At this point the team will use etch primer and then a bar coat to protect the new paint from the previous paint (bar coat stops old paint bleeding through to the new). From this stage on the paintwork follows the same process a new build with colour coats and clear coats.

It is perhaps worth noting that from time to time we respray much older vehicles. By far the biggest single item the team have to deal with on these well used horseboxes becomes water ingress. Over time doors, lockers, ramps and the actual vehicle sides soak up moisture from damaged areas. Water content is something that is very hard to deal with, it is almost impossible to remove and can spoil very expensive paintwork in a very short period of time. Although we take every precaution water damage is a wild factor and not something we can guarantee against or warranty. As a conscientious company we always highlight these points and any accompanying risks so customers can make informed choices before we take on any work.

Worst case example horsebox

This horsebox proved to be one of the worst we have ever seen for water damage and rust/oxidisation. When the team started stripping it down for alterations and paintwork, water was pouring out of every removed screw and bolt hole. We filled a bucket with dirty brown water from the grooms door alone.

When we started stripping down the vehicle sides, so much water poured out that the workshop floor was covered for days. We even went to expense of baking it in the oven and then running a dehumidifier for a week. In the end we actually removed more than thirty litres of water from the dehumidifier. We suggested to the customer we reskin the horsebox with aluminium and as with any horsebox respray advised that realistically we could not guarantee against further rust or water damage.

The team went to town removing all the windows and outside fixings, they even put extra time into sanding and sealing the bolts used to hold the sides on, because these were so oxidised from galvanic corrosion and water ingress. All in all one of most difficult commissions we have undertaken. Happily the customers were so pleased they left a most excellent review on our FB page.

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