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If you are looking into the finance options for purchasing your KPH Aeos or Helios horsebox, then we recommend Sussex Asset Finance

Sussex Asset Finance

Horsebox & Equine Equipment Finance

As horse owners ourselves, we have a rare insight into this specialist world and can advise you with the benefit of first hand experience.

A horsebox will probably be your biggest financial outlay so you’ll need unbiased, straightforward advice. Whether you’re buying from a dealer or from a private individual, we’ll help you source the right size and specification at a monthly rate you can afford. It’s worth remembering that some lenders only finance boxes and trailers up to 10 years old but our long experience in this sector means we know exactly where to go to find you funding for an older model.


Aeos QV 4.5

Buy a Aeos QV 45 horsebox from only £485.57 per month with business finance

Horsebox lease purchase options

For Private Individuals

A lease purchase is a common way of keeping your monthly payments more affordable. The larger payment at the end of the agreement, usually known as a balloon payment is based on a fixed future value of the horsebox.

The balloon helps to bring down the monthly cost whilst offering you 3 ways to pay it at the end…

  1. Keep the horsebox and pay the balloon
  2. Keep the horsebox and refinance the balloon over another few years (subject to credit approval when the refinance is applied for)
  3. Sell the horsebox and settle the finance in full


For Businesses (trading for minimum 3 years)

Similar to the lease purchase for private individuals; if you are applying through your business which is eligible to reclaim VAT, we can input a 3-month VAT deferral on to your agreement (subject to credit approval).

The VAT deferral enables you to claim the VAT back through your business prior to paying it to the lender.

In the third month when the VAT is due, you will then already have the funds available to pay this.

The balloon payment on this lease purchase helps to bring down your monthly payments whilst offering the same 3 final options for paying the balloon as detailed above.

See below for the KPH range price examples

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Finance price examples

All price shown are for a monthly amount based on a 5 year deal. 

Aeos 3.5, 4.5 and 7.2 tonne Horseboxes on a 2023 chassis

Models  Private Business
Aeos QV 35 £543.49 £395.04
Aeos QV ST 35 £570.71 £410.47
Aeos QV 45 £669.41 £486.57
Aeos QV ST 45 £696.62 £506.35
Aeos Edge 45 TBC TBC
Aeos Edge ST 45 TBC TBC
Aeos Freedom 45 £927.79 £677.20
Aeos Freedom ST 45 TBC TBC
Aeos Discovery 45 £1,045.92 £763.42
Aeos Discovery 72 £1,431.62 £1,044.94









Helios Horseboxes on a 2016 chassis

Models Private Business
Helios Compact 75 £1,205.52 £864.75
Helios 75 £1,271.25 £911.90


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