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KPH is a friendly, family run firm with a conscientious team of skilled craftsmen and women, bringing together a wealth of horsebox manufacturing experience.

Safety | Quality | Durability

The KPH ethos is to manufacture the safest possible horse transport for our customers and their horses.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.

The majority of our new business is gained from customer recommendations, so we recognise the importance of forging strong relationships that are built on trust.

The KPH team are dedicated to providing a service that is defined by the quality of our designs, durability of our horseboxes  and exceptional customer care.

NEW – we are now offering a FREE 2 year KPH After Sales Service Package (ASSP) for all new KPH horsebox orders placed after 11th Sept 2023. Take a look at the KPH Aeos or KPH Helios range for full details

21. September, 2022.
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Delighted with my new AEOS QV. The build quality is excellent and the KPH features such as the internal flooring and sliding partition are top notch. The extras that I wanted to customise it to my preferred specification were no trouble for the KPH team. The whole process from my requesting of initial information, through the stages of placing an order, build schedule and then vehicle delivery has been seamless. Thank you KPH team! Kath.
Jan Crookes
Jan Crookes
20. August, 2022.
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Kevin is so helpful and goes out of his way for his customers.
Susan King
Susan King
18. August, 2022.
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Great quality, professional service and and am very happy with my compact 4.5 tonne lorry for my very large horse ! Could have done with a little more diesel in the tank on leaving
Derek Layton
Derek Layton
13. July, 2022.
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Another thank you to Kevin and his team for upgrading the strut to the ramp on my KPH horsebox making it much easier to lift
Fran Milne
Fran Milne
18. June, 2022.
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Love the peace of mind of a quality built box! Kevin Parker knows how to maximise on safety and comfort for both humans and horses without compromising on payload. We've not had our lorry long, but great to drive and love it already! Spot the dog...... Many thanks KP and Team!
Neil Parker
Neil Parker
18. June, 2022.
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Very high standard of workmanship on our 4.5 tonne horsebox, it’s obvious a lot of care and attention has gone into the build and I’m sure it will give many years of good service. We’ll done all round 👍
5. May, 2022.
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AEOS 4.5 COMPACT Kevin Parker Horseboxes are the very best, their attention to safety detail of horse and humans while using the box is second to none. Nothing is too much trouble from start to finish enabling you to have a box that suits you and your horses every need. My 17hh Warmblood travels like a dream. Plenty of room for him and with a payload of 1.7 Ton there are no weight issues. This is my second horsebox from Kevin Parker and I truly cannot recommend their wagon builds highly enough. Extremely safe, comfortable and smart transport for you and your precious Unicorn. Thank you to Kevin & Janet Parker and their fantastic team.
Julie Booth
Julie Booth
4. April, 2022.
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A positive experience from start to finish. Incredibly professional process with proactive communication from KPH along the way. The quality of the build and attention to detail is excellent. Although not the cheapest, value for money compared to other suppliers we looked at is excellent. The personal service from Kevin, Janet and the team is the cherry on top.
Les Rippon
Les Rippon
12. March, 2022.
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We bought a 3.5 tonne horse box in February 2020 from Kevin. It was designed to our specification. From the start of the build right through to now we have been extremely impressed with the box and the service provided. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Kevin and his team. The box is very sturdy and safety is at the top of the list when designing and building. A thoroughly professional company who look after and understand their customers. Would certainly go back in the future!


If you are considering buying a KPH horsebox for the first time and are not sure which model is right for you.

Then we have created a guide, based on which driving licence you have.

Click HERE to see all the information

Or see below for our five main categories of new horseboxes for sale.

Aeos 3.5 tonne Compact horsebox in pearl metallic orange

Aeos 3.5 tonne Horseboxes

Aeos Discovery 45 profile image

Aeos 4.5 tonne Horseboxes

KPH Aeos Discovery 72

NEW - Aeos 7.2 tonne Horseboxes

KPH Helios 7.5 - two tone

Helios 7.5 tonne Horseboxes

Helios HGV - luxury horsebox

Helios HGV 12 to 26 tonne Horseboxes

Manufactured in the UK

All of our company operations are to be found onsite: our main horsebox manufacturing service that specialises in the Helios and Aeos ranges, the commercial spray shop where our spectacular paintwork is undertaken, the Coat-X workshop dealing with all aspects of our ground breaking spray-on Polyurea protective coatings and our Sign-X graphics division covering everything from vehicle conspicuity marking to stripes and spray masks.

HGV Helios - Police Scotland

KPH are the premier horsebox supplier to the UK Police Mounted Branches

The Finest Bespoke Horseboxes for sale

We’re incredibly #proud of our unique KPH horseboxes and every member of our dedicated team recognises that a reputation isn’t bought but must be earned through the commitment to workmanship and excellent customer service.


KPH are a VBRA approved horsebox manufacturer specialising in outstanding build quality, safety and durability

What we do best!

Helios horsebox range

Unique Range

From the Helios to the Aeos, our exclusive range of bespoke KPH horseboxes are built to the highest exacting standards.

Coat-x coating for horsebox ramps


Coat-X has totally replaced heavy rubber matting and kick sheets and best of all, it has no joints or seams!

KPH - see the magic

See the Magic

If you would like to see where the magic happens in our UK workshop, then get in touch and we will make the arrangements.

Important aspects of KPH

One of the most important aspects of KPH is that we don’t follow other manufacturers, but lead through innovation, creative design and materials technology (stunning is fitted as standard on every horsebox!) With the majority of our new business gained from customer recommendations, we recognise the importance of forging strong relationships that are built on trust and that’s why outstanding customer care will always remain a vital part of our forward thinking company.

KEVIN PARKER HORSEBOXES are crafted with love and passion.

We are committed to turn your ideas into reality!
Let's Talk

KPH 5 step process

Although each customer’s experience is different, this gives you an overview to the 5 step process we go through from initial enquiry to delivery of your bespoke KPH horsebox

KPH process

We are so confident in the quality of every KPH horsebox that we include a two year warranty as standard and 3 months warranty on the chassis.

What our customers think

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It's a few weeks now since we collected our new 7.5T conversion. It is amazing. We love it, the ponies love it, and with its attention to detail, solid build quality, emphasis on durability, and features that make our lives easier, we are thrilled with it. It is above and beyond all our expectations.

Linzy Dickinson

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I have recently had a Helios 7.5 tonne lorry from Kevin and his team. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with the lorry. The lorry itself is built so well and the quality speaks for itself. We are still finding very clever design features that make the lorry extra special. Not only is he lorry exactly what we wanted (and more!) I have to give credit to Kevin and his team. They have from start to finish being incredible and extremely patient with me (I always seemed to have so many queries and sent far too many emails!!). Absolutely chuffed to bits with our new lorry. Would highly highly recommend Kevin Parker and his team!!

Natalie Mincher-Lockett

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Checking out horsebox companies!

I started on my list of more than 20 companies. Many didn’t even make it past the first phone call and a big black line went through their names. Why? Because many were extolling the virtues of their living accommodation and could not answer even the most basic of safety questions and truthfully did not seem to care. One by one the big well-known brands fell by the wayside and I still hadn’t got to price! My black Sharpie was having a great time and I was getting worried that I would run out of companies!

Then I spoke to Kevin at KPH and the world turned on its axis. Our first conversation was about safety, security and weight. His level of detail and knowledge blew me away, every question was patiently answered with lots of additional detail with questions for me to think about. Nothing was too much trouble even at that early stage and there wasn’t even a hint of a sale at that time. He wanted to make sure that I was equipped to make an informed and sound decision. I learnt an awful lot about horsebox manufacturing, information I would have never know if I had not found this guy.


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Aeos Discovery 45

Helios HGV 18 tonne

Helios HGV 26 tonne

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