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Busy year at KPH

Busy year for KPH horsebox manufacturersWell, 2018 was an incredibly busy year at KPH and we had more than a hectic run up to Christmas with many of last month’s horseboxes being very exciting Christmas presents!Rounding up for 2018, workshop cleanliness was as usual,...

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Horsebox payload

Horseboxes - be safe, be legal If you are searching the market for a new horsebox, the number one question on your list should be asking for the payload and calibrated weight certificate. I cannot emphasize this enough. If the horsebox payload is wrong you...

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Jack Frost

Jack Frost could be just around the corner! It is unfortunately that time of year again where sudden cold spells catch us out and wreak havoc on our horseboxes. It’s as good a time as any to preempt any frost damage and offer some general advice on...

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Vacancies and exciting career opportunities at KPH

Vacancies and exciting career opportunities at KPH As part of our measured expansion we have several exciting career opportunities available. KPH are a forward thinking approved horsebox manufacturer with a friendly and conscientious team of highly skilled...

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Horsebox passenger seatbelts

Horsebox passenger seatbelts This is a topic that pops up every few weeks and I have written a short update here to a previous blog regarding passenger seatbelts for horseboxes (current legislation). The original blog was following on from a conversation...

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Horsebox buyers beware!

It seems almost every customer I speak to has a horsebox horror story ranging from customer care issues to outright dangerous manufacturing. As a conscientious horsebox manufacturer with decades of inside knowledge of this industry, it is difficult to...

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Horsebox wireless control technology

KPH chooses the latest in horsebox KPH is an innovative manufacturer of bespoke horseboxes with the highest standard of vehicle finish and specification. In their pursuit of latest technology, KPH have partnered with innovation water and heating...

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Horsebox Safety Checks

Are you prepared for the next trip in your horsebox? You’re on your way to an event for a few days, you have cleaned your horsebox inside and out, stowed your tack, filled your water, run the fridge down to temperature and filled it up with food and even some wine....

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Before you buy a Horsebox – consider these points.

Deciding to buy a horsebox is a relatively simple task. But, actually finding something to fit your individual requirements, that is lightweight, tough and capable of legally transporting your horses safely is more problematic. It is in fact a minefield with designs,...

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Example of a used KPH Helios horseboxes for sale

Example of the quality of our used KPH Helios horseboxes for sale We check every detail ensuring each used horsebox promotes our reputation for quality and longevity and this example is in an as new condition. We keep a list of customers interested in our quality used...

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KPH horseboxes for sale with solar charging

Integrated solar charging as standard Our philosophy has always been one of innovation, incorporating the latest technology whilst maintaining strength and reliability for each horsebox model we manufacture. For KPH, innovations are not sales hooks or gimmicks; they...

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