KPH – Our top 10 Unique Selling Points (USP)

Safety | Longevity | Quality


1. Safety

Our number one unique selling point has to be safety. This does not mean just the word added to a list for advertising; it means we manufacture our horseboxes, designed from the bare chassis up, completely around horse and occupant safety. From the very conception of the company (Kevin Parker Horseboxes LTD) safety was our paramount concern. This was the top priority on our very long design list and has been an integral part of our horseboxes for many decades. Safety and especially horse and pony safety encompass every single part we manufacture and fit, from picking materials for strength and longevity, all the way through to how the item is used and how it feels (no sharp edges).

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2. Longevity

Designing safety features into our horseboxes goes hand in hand with longevity. Safety is for the life of each build. In every case the best materials for the job are by nature, longer lasting and more expensive. As an example, wherever possible, we replace aluminium with stainless steel adding far superior strength and longevity. This is especially evident in our stainless steel safety cell, horse ramps, hinges, horse gates, horse partitions and a myriad of component pieces.


3. Build Quality

We take great pride in the finish and quality of our builds and we have confidence that the materials used are the best for each role. This is why we include a two year warranty and 24 hour customer care!

With years of manufacturing experience, combined with materials research and testing, we think about the little things, that, when added up, considerably alter the whole experience of loading and driving one of our horseboxes. This applies equally to both the customer and their horses.

As a few examples of the passive design, we choose the roof material to insulate and we choose the colour to reflect heat (hot in winter and cool in summer). We design for much reduced heat build-up and improved air flow across the horses, adding comfort even before the extraction fans are turned on. The composite floor and double skinned walls are for strength; however, we insulate and soundproof them adding another layer of comfort for the horses.

When a new horsebox is collected the hand over can take quite a long time and it can be a lot to take in. For this reason each customer has a direct contact number and if they cannot remember something important, a quick phone call sets everything straight.


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4. Coat-X in Horse Areas

We cannot emphasize how truly ground-breaking our Coat-X spray on Polyurea protective coating is. Encompassing both safety and longevity, our non-slip Coat-X finish has been independently slip tested and outperforms rubber matting in both wet and dry tests (rated to British Standards 7976-2). It has totally transformed our horse areas. Developed to replace heavy rubber matting, kick sheets, joins and cappings …and being one hundred percent waterproof and impervious to cleaning chemicals, it allowed us to design stylish horse areas that are totally waterproof and can be power washed or steam cleaned on a daily basis. Our horse areas really do stand out from the crowd!

We use 32mm Coat-X protective padding that are specifically designed for the Aeos and Helios horsebox models. We use these totally waterproof safety paddings as extra protection for customer’s horses. They are designed to be tough, to withstand kicking and daily power washing or steam cleaning with detergents. They replace outdated vinyl padding and add even more longevity to our bespoke horse areas.


5. OOOOh Factor

The next USP is for our paint team that add the ooooh! KPH has an incredibly skilled team, who on a weekly basis, make customers’ dreams become reality. It is not just our amazing paint finish on the outside, much of our paint magic is hidden and is something that customers will rarely see. It does however, set us apart and is another reason why our builds last. Our team spray the cab underside, chassis and subframe with oil resistant paint and Waxoyl. They also remove doors and fittings to spray separately, covering every edge adding incredible longevity. From amazing colours to amazing paint designs, from the smallest, all the way up to maximum length HGV horseboxes, we paint everything in our purpose built 22 metre commercial spray shop and oven. It is often a favourite destination for visiting customers and you could say WE HAVE IT COVERED!


6. Unique Designs

One area where we literally shine very brightly and a major KPH USP is our outstanding and often ground breaking designs. From the truly beautiful Helios horsebox shape that flows into our curved roof system to our super strong stainless steel work, including horse partitions and rear doors, all are truly eye catching and unique.


7. Unique for Each Customer

Living with a compromise almost never works and often horseboxes that do not fit the customer’s exact needs are sold on within a very short period of time. So, perhaps one of the most important unique selling points of a KPH build is that each one is bespoke, tailored to fit exactly.

We allocate plenty of free time to sit and chat with each customer, advising on what is possible and the implications on safety and payload. Customers can specify everything from the size of the horse area and living, to the size and placement of tack lockers. KPH builds are tailored to fit our customers’ exact requirements and just one more reason why customers keep them a very long time indeed.

8. Innovation

We firmly believe that standing still is as good as going backwards. Innovation has always been a driving force for KPH. We tested the first curved roof over 27 years ago. Even then the cost of transport was increasing yearly. Rather than copying what had gone before we designed a shape around fuel economy and aerodynamics. Straight away we could see that there were clear advantages in fuel savings, wind noise reductions and it added a stunning shape to our Helios horsebox models. All of our innovations add something of benefit to the customers and their horses. The curved roof is just one USP that clearly sets us apart from other manufacturers.

These are a few innovations and include, stainless steel ramps for all models, stainless steel horse partitions and horse doors, waterproof Coat-X padding for horse protection. Customers can take confidence in the fact that other innovative designs are being tested and will eventually become standard on our models, only where they add safety, ease of use, strength and longevity.


9. Chassis Reliability

Another USP to give confidence is that we don’t dabble in the cheapest chassis available. We buy for reliability, suitability and more to the point, we specialise with just two manufacturers.

For 7.5 tonnes to 26 tonnes we only manufacture on the DAF chassis. For 3.5 tonnes to 4.5 tonnes builds we specialise in the Sevel platform cab. This was a joint venture between Fiat and PSA Peugeot Citroën and includes Fiat Ducato, Citroen Relay and Peugeot Boxer (all the same vehicle manufactured on the same production lines).

10. Payload

Payload is a USP where we specialise and one that in recent years has become a very hot topic. At KPH it is something we have designed for from day one and it is standard on every horsebox commission. This does not mean we just have good payloads, it means we have designed carefully and placed the payload appropriately for the front and rear axle loadings. It means that customers’ horses are in the best possible place for a smooth and safe ride. It also means we carefully consider and advise on what is possible and what is not. We were the very first horsebox manufacturer to issue weight certificates and design completely around payload, ride comfort and safety. On completion of a horsebox we weigh each vehicle with our onsite equipment and produce a weight certificate for each build. Our customers can buy and much later on, sell with confidence, knowing payload and placement has been carefully considered and that each one can legally carry the horses it is stalled for.


It was very difficult to keep the list down to just 10 unique selling points. Hopefully, it demonstrates how we do not blindly follow others, rather we lead through innovation and design – manufacturing bespoke, quality horseboxes that last!

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