KPH ECO – Solar Lithium System

As part of our continual innovation programme we are pleased to launch the NEW KPH ECO system for our KPH full living horseboxes.

With the rising cost of electricity and electrical hookups at equine events, solar power is a great option for powering your KPH horsebox.

It will save you money, reduce your carbon footprint and give you the freedom to enjoy your horsebox anywhere, anytime.


Get your power on the go with the KPH ECO


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The KPH ECO system has been designed to harness the abundant free energy of the sun, safely store it in a high-capacity lithium battery bank and deliver it to both DC (battery powered) and AC (mains powered) electrical appliances of your choice, when needed.

This include electronic devices, lighting, a microwave, a kettle, power-tools and even a hairdryer, making your KPH horsebox a true home from home.

For 2024, we are now fitting the KPH ECO system as a standard feature to the following luxury full living KPH horseboxes:

Features of the KPH ECO system

Our unique KPH ECO Solar Lithium System consists of the following elements

  1. Roof mounted solar panel – producing up to 410w of solar power.
  2. LiFePO4 1900wh lithium ion battery bank
  3. Victron Multiplus inverter/charger – producing 1280w of continuous power.

How does the system work?

The core of the system is a Victron Multiplus inverter/charger. These high end units enjoy an excellent reputation for quality, function and reliability. The role of the inverter is to convert the power available in the battery bank ready for you to use in your horsebox.

When there is no mains hook up available, the inverter converts battery power to run your mains power appliances onboard reliably and safely.

When you connect to a grid or generator mains supply, the inverter will check the quality of the supply before feeding it automatically, via it’s inbuilt transfer relay, through to your appliances whilst simultaneously recharging your lithium battery bank. There is no need to have separate sockets for different supply types. Simply enjoy using your appliances and your stay on site.

All this activity relies heavily on the energy stored in your battery bank. That’s why we have selected high-capacity lithium batteries as the power storage for your horsebox system.

Lithium batteries are far better suited to run large inverters due to their higher working voltage and energy density. Run times are extended and more of the battery’s capacity can be used without jeopardising the battery’s service life. In other words, you can enjoy years of faultless performance, longer run times between recharges and even lower fuel bills due to the super lightweight technology of lithium batteries.

It must be said, even lithium batteries don’t have a limitless capacity. But you won’t be left in the dark. Your system includes an easy-to-read digital display showing the percentage of battery charge, an estimated ‘time to go’ to empty and details such as voltage on both your start battery and lithium battery bank.

This information is complemented by the free Victron Connect app which allows you to monitor your solar panel in real time, helping you to understand exactly how much energy they  are producing and what effect weather and shade can have on their output so that you can take steps to maximise it.

Benefits of the KPH ECO system

The system is so clever it can charge from the solar panels, vehicle alternator or mains hook up and will even use a combination of these charging inputs at the same time!

We recommend allowing your solar panels to do the bulk of the charging though, as this will significantly reduce the need to run your engine on site, cutting your fuel use and providing power almost silently and in the most environmentally friendly way.

Whatever power is produced by the panels but not used by your appliances at the same time will be stored in your batteries for use later.

And finally, the introduction of solar on your vehicle means your batteries can be kept in excellent condition without the need to plug into the mains power supply at home. This saves money and gives you many more options for storing your horsebox securely.

Extra information

An inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). In terms of a motorhome and horsebox this means something that will convert the electricity from a 12 or 24 volt lithium ion battery to a form that will run domestic electrical equipment designed to work from a three-pin 230V socket.

The LiFePO4 lithium battery is a safe and highly efficient option for vehicle-based power storage. It outperforms traditional lead acid batteries to such a degree, it’s like comparing a spaceship to a cart horse! The size of your battery bank is the main determiner to what you can run and for how long.

Your solar panel will help recharge the battery bank but please be mindful that on a dull day your solar panel’s output is reduced, so your stored energy will deplete when running powerful mains powered items.

The KPH ECO system is now a standard feature on the following KPH luxury living horseboxes

Aeos Discovery 45 profile image

Aeos Discovery 45

Helios Compact 75 Horsebox

Helios Compact 75

Helios 7.5 two tone horsebox

Helios 75

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