Why we picked KPH to build our 7.5 tonne horsebox


In early 2019 after much subtle and not so subtle hints I persuaded my lovely husband that I needed a 7.5 Tonne horse box so that I and my horses could travel in style and safety.  I set about contacting a number of horse box manufacturers in my area of the North West of the UK.

Many of these manufacturers either took weeks to reply or didn’t reply at all.  Kevin Parker (KPH) was different they replied the very next day emailing clear and helpful information. This prompt response marked the start of super customer service and standards which are always high. This gives you all the confidence you need to keep encouraging your husband that this is exactly what will make his wife happy!

After that it only took one visit to the KPH manufacturing base near Preston for me to know that this company is run efficiently with exemplary customer service and standards.  Everywhere was spick and span, everything organised and run with obvious attention to detail and an enormous amount of care.  We had a guided tour and looked at all the stages of development and the beautiful boxes ready to be collected by lucky customers.  I knew right then that I wanted Kevin to make my horse box and so we ordered a 7.5 tonne Helios to be made on a second hand DAF chassis which KPH would locate for us.

From there with Kevin’s expert help we chose the interior and exterior colours, finishes and how the layout would work, and a build date was set about 3 months hence.

Once a chasis was located we had three to choose from – all within our budget.  The build was started bang on time and each week we were sent photographs showing the progress.  This was a great confidence boost to see the box stripped right back and all the care and attention taken, throughout the build, to make sure everything was just right.

Finally, the day came when my gorgeous light blue Helios was ready.  Being a little on the small side I had a slight difficulty with the ramp, but Kevin came up with a solution which was a small step including non-slip tread for me to stand on, so I was higher up when getting the ramp down.  It has worked a treat. This little touch sums up KPH and their 100% determination to make sure that you the customer have everything possible that you need to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

Having had my Helios for over a year now I can honestly say that it is totally fantastic. I enjoy every moment of travelling in it.

The after sales service from KPH has been brilliant. The horses travel beautifully in it.  The partitions are robust, the non-slip floor superb.  The design and layout of the living and the huge storage areas have enabled me to drive to venues around the country and live like a queen whilst away. I am, I have to say, unbelievably lucky to have found and chosen KPH to build me a most beautiful and envied horsebox.  If you want to be confident that you will have no problems and the most fantastic service from a company dedicated to making the most fantastic product then look no further.

Thanks Kevin and team, I and the Forageplus horses are happy campers and travellers.

Sarah Braithwaite

Sarah Braithwaite

Forageplus Ltd

Unit 10
Broncoed Business Park
Mold, Flintshire, CH7 1HP


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