Helios horsebox range -10 tonne to 26 tonne

The flowing lines, our stunningly shaped Helios luton pod and curved roof system make our HGV Helios horsebox range stand out in any crowd. This innovative design gives the HGV Helios horsebox a massive internal height of up to 2.59 meters (8’ 6”) and allows a guest bedroom above the toilet and shower without compromising the shape or aerodynamics of the horsebox.

Graceful aesthetics are so important and by design this Helios model is as far away as possible from the square box shaped norm of most HGV horseboxes. Much like the Helios 7.5 tonne range they combine the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetic appeal and a comfortable, pleasing environment for the horses and customers alike. Our totally bespoke livings are individually designed and start with an uncommonly high standard specification. We can add anything up to three slide out sides, incorporating almost anything imaginable.
We manufacture on two base chassis depending on our customers’ requirements and use the award winning DAF LF 45/55 and the DAF CF chassis. Because each commission is bespoke, we can manufacture up to an overall length of 12 meters (39’ 3”) with payload falling between 4 tonnes and a whopping 12.5 tonnes.

For longevity all of our horseboxes have the ground breaking Coat-X Polyurea protective coating sprayed in the horse area, partition paddings and on the ramps. Coat-X polyurea with its excellent grip and clean looks does not age, crack or shrink and is not affected by hot or cold weather. Because it is totally waterproof with good sound proofing properties it provides a finish that stands up to daily steam cleaning whilst adding a stress-free and safer ride for the horses.

Looking to the future and to set the Helios range apart, each has an auxiliary battery system with solar charging, plus solar charging for the chassis batteries and the mains hook up has conditioner charging too. The horse area has an air extraction system and an integrated stainless steel safety cell with tubular stainless steel horse partitions and rear horse doors. We also include metallic paint, new upholstery throughout and bonded windows with smoked glass. Each is a totally bespoke build and backed up with our comprehensive two year warranty.

To drive the HGV Helios range you require a category C licence

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