KPH chooses the latest in horsebox

KPH is an innovative manufacturer of bespoke horseboxes with the highest standard of vehicle finish and specification. In their pursuit of latest technology, KPH have partnered with innovation water and heating specialist, Whale to bring wireless control to the mobile living environment.

In seeking out the latest home from home innovations in comfort, KPH fits the Whale iVan wireless control panel in the Helios 7.5 Tonne to HGV and Aeos 3.5 to 4.5 tonne ranges.

What is iVan? A Simple / Wireless / Intelligent / Touchscreen / Control / Hub

Whale® iVan is a full-colour touchscreen control panel that uses wireless technology to control all Whale® Water Heater,Space Heater and water supply in recreational vehicles. By adding wireless technology to control heating and water supply, Whale® has created an intelligent, resilient control network that allows a straight forward and flexible installation, and provides the vehicle user a simple, intuitive way of controlling their environment.

Steed Barbour, Business Development Engineer from Whale, explains the benefits of Whale’s Ivan.
iVan is the easy way to control the mobile living environment. Its simple, intuitive touchscreen display is so easy to use, and includes easy set programmable timers. With wireless technology there are great benefits to the vehicle manufacturer in terms of reduced overall vehicle weight and faster installation time. With iVan we are truly bringing the technology from latest domestic climate control trends to vehicles. With the system we have designed to suit KPH, we have iVan controlling water heating, room heating and water supply – all at the touch of a button from a central hub inside the vehicle.

How does Whale i Van® work?

The intuitive touchscreen control panel communicates wirelessly with the Whale® Water heater, Space Heaters and water pump to allow the horsebox user to manage their ideal living environment with ease. With intuitive icons, controlling hot and cold water supply, setting air temperature controls. With additional benefits of being able to set timers (up to 3 per day) for each unit and a frost protection setting to protect the system in cold climates, iVan showcases the very latest in climate control in recreational vehicles.

Whale- specialists in water and heating for mobile applications
As a company Whale has gained great expertise in designing innovative products specifically designed for the mobile environment. As a key player in the recreational vehicle and global leisure marine market, the company has launched a stream of award winning innovative products specializing in the control of water and heating for people on the move.

With a diverse range of skills, disciplines and experience, KPH are dedicated to providing a service that is defined by quality design, quality manufacturing, horse safety and customer care. We have a highly knowledgeable, long serving senior management team with a clear focus on the future of safe horse transport. The simplicity of the iVan wireless control technology paired with its durable design fits perfectly with the longevity of our horseboxes along with our vision for the future.
From our reception right through to our fabrication and sprayshop, the shared goals and objectives across the whole business is a genuine passion for building superior horseboxes. For this reason each project is treated with the same care, consideration and attention as the last one. The devil is most definitely in the details!
We cherish our workmanship and it’s not unusual to see members of the team photographing each vehicle as it departs the workshop.
KPH manufacture quality horseboxes with pride horseboxes that last!

The Range

The Helios horsebox combines the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal, functionality and most important of all, a pleasing safe comfortable environment for the horse. To achieve this we embraced a range of new materials and incorporated the latest technologies. Working from the ground up, with the lowest possible load height and our exclusive curved roof system, the Helios design achieves reduced fuel consumption, wind noise and swaying. Not only increasing the internal height but also providing a much smoother, stress-free and a safer ride for the horses. The Aeos horsebox range is designed with two rear facing stalls and at 2.41 metre horse area height it can take large horses. Its fuel consumption is highly economical and with significant reduction in road noise is extremely quiet. Equipped with anti-lock brakes, new alloy wheels with deep tread tyres and a very low centre of gravity, the safety-conscious Aeos is the perfect horsebox for customers moving up from towing.

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