Passion for manufacturing excellence and quality horseboxes!

From our innovative horseboxes to our stunning paintwork and outstanding customer care, we have built a very hard won reputation for quality and reliability. We focus on attention to the very smallest details, from the first phone call or email to driving out of the gate with a new horsebox and our continued aftercare, our aim is to shine ever so brightly!

High standards

To keep standards high we deliberately manufacture everything possible in-house and the few items we do not manufacture come from trusted manufactures with time tested relationships going back decades. For raw materials such as stainless steel and aluminium we again use trusted suppliers with excellent backup. You will notice I never used the phrase ‘quality materials’ and this is deliberate, it is an overused phrase, mostly for sales and means little in today’s marketplace. In reality, all horsebox manufactures have a small circle of material suppliers to choose from and all offer quality materials or they would be out of business very quickly indeed! So basically, we all build horseboxes from the same ‘quality materials’ and at the end the day the differences are in design, execution and for us the attention to the smallest detail.

To keep our standards consistently high, each one of our quality horseboxes has three inspections, first our workshop team makes a snag list and the team rectify anything highlighted. Next, Russell our works manager does another walk around and again the team will sort any small snags. It is then off for the MOT, a road test and on return we weigh it onsite and produce a calibrated weigh bridge certificate. Finally, I inspect the whole vehicle myself, as it is my name on the box!

On a personal note, I hope the pride in our workmanship and our attention to the little details shows in the pictures we post on the social media forums Facebook and I also hope you notice how clean the workshops, sprayshop and yard are kept. In the past I have posted pictures of the colour co-ordinated brush and pan sets, the visual standards pictures posted around the workshops and the team picking litter up way down the road. Yes these are funny for posts, but serve a genuine purpose in the way we work. Customers can rest assured we take the same care and attention with goods in trust and the quality horseboxes we manufacture.

Any queries or questions?