July 30, 2018

Checking out horsebox companies!

I started on my list of more than 20 companies. Many didn’t even make it past the first phone call and a big black line went through their names. Why? Because many were extolling the virtues of their living accommodation and could not answer even the most basic of safety questions and truthfully did not seem to care. One by one the big well-known brands fell by the wayside and I still hadn’t got to price! My black Sharpie was having a great time and I was getting worried that I would run out of companies!

Then I spoke to Kevin at KPH and the world turned on its axis. Our first conversation was about safety, security and weight. His level of detail and knowledge blew me away, every question was patiently answered with lots of additional detail with questions for me to think about. Nothing was too much trouble even at that early stage and there wasn’t even a hint of a sale at that time. He wanted to make sure that I was equipped to make an informed and sound decision. I learnt an awful lot about horsebox manufacturing, information I would have never know if I had not found this guy.