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Helios Compact 7.5 horsebox

The Compact Helios 7.5 horsebox is designed with a very high standard specification to have all the comforts of our larger Helios models whilst offering the smallest possible footprint.

Helios Compact 7.5 Horsebox

Helios Compact 7.5 Horsebox

  • Overall length of 6.2 metres
  • Payload of approximately 2.8 tonnes
  • Stalled for 2 large horses or 3 ponies
  • Category C or C1 driving licence required

To make the Compact Helios 7.5 tonne horsebox as manoeuvrable as possible it is based on the competent DAF LF 3.5 metre wheelbase chassis and has a tiny turning circle of just 11.4 metres. Through design, innovation and materials technology we have manufactured a robust Compact Helios 7.5 tonne horsebox that combines the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetic appeal and most important of all, a pleasing and comfortable environment for the horses that is safe on any length of journey. Equipped with anti-lock brakes and the lowest possible centre of gravity, the safety-conscious Compact Helios horsebox is the perfect all-rounder.

We can also offer a version to take three large horses with a smaller living area. Working from the ground up, each Helios horsebox benefits from the lowest possible load height and has an extremely low stainless steel ramp at just 0.81 metres (32”) that is almost the full width of the horse area, allowing the largest of horses to load and turn more easily.

Did you know we also have an Aeos 4.5 tonne Weekender model with full living facilities and 1.5 tonnes of payload?

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