KPH Safety First

As a forward-thinking company, we continually strive to manufacture quality horseboxes that are safer, reduce stress and have increased durability.

The KPH innovative safety designs have many years of research and development behind them.

Over the next few months, we will post some of our research topics including insights, and considerations that we use to design safer horseboxes

Hopefully, these topics will be something horse owners will find insightful and interesting.

6. Grip for ramp and horse area

The amount of grip available for safely loading and transporting horses is very high on any safety list.

If a manufacturer gets this one aspect wrong, it will compromise the entire horsebox. Thus, causing a wide range of issues, that could include injury, stress, and undesirable horse behaviour.  Although grip was our first concern, we also looked at durability and lifespan.

Other important factures considered were weight, shrinking, and protection from chemical cleaners, disinfectants, urine, and water.

Water ingress from the horse floor and ramp is not desirable, it compromises both durability and lifespan of the horsebox.

Therefore, we moved being waterproof high up our list of required attributes.


Our research findings

Armed with a comprehensive list of requirements and a great deal of practical experience, we looked at the available products on the market in detail. It quickly became apparent that each product had one or two positive attributes along with many negative ones. Out of all the products we tested, Polyurea was by far the best fit for our requirements.

Designing and pioneering a new finish for the grip

Working closely with a chemical manufacturer, we invested in new machinery and pioneered a completely new product and finish. The result was our amazing Coat-X Polyurea protective coating!

This product alone transformed our horseboxes completely. In fact, the grip was so good we had it independently slip tested against all the available flooring products, where it outperformed them in both wet and dry conditions. Coat-X is rated to British Standards 7976-2.

Coat-X is so versatile, we spray it on the walls, horse floors, ramps, and horse paddings.

It completely removes the need for cappings and provides a smart, seamless, 100% waterproof horse area. This gives our horseboxes superb durability and adds to the overall quality and lifespan of our Aeos and Helios horseboxes.

Coat-X logo

Some of the additional benefits of Coat-X:

  • Not affected by moisture or temperature
  • High impact resistance
  • Does not shrink
  • Lighter than rubber matting
  • Contains no solvents and no V.O.C’s or C.F.C’s (making it environmentally safe)
  • Superb soundproofing properties
  • Not affected by chemicals or urine
  • Not affected by ageing
  • Ideal for daily power washing or steam cleaning
  • … and our personal favourite, Coat-X dries in a few seconds.

Coat-X process by KPH horseboxes

Food For Thought…

Safety and primarily horse safety is at the forefront of everything we do. Having said that if there is something we have missed or something you would add, please let us know.

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